Why Poland?


Poland, the 9th largest country in Europe and the 6th most populous member of the European Union is no longer  an empty spot on the map of the continent. It's a country with a rich history, an exciting contemporary lifestyle, excellent culinary traditions and the healthiest economy in the European Union.  Poland is the only European economy to have avoided the latest  recession.  In 2009 Poland had the highest GDP growth in the EU. As of February 2012, the Polish economy has still not entered a recession in the wake of the global financial crisis.



No other European country has such diverse landscapes and beautiful cities - from alpine-style and hilly mountains, perfect for hiking, to the karst valleys, rich jungle-style deep forests, thousands of beautiful lakes and wild beaches – as sandy and as wide as anywhere in the whole Europe!


Warsaw is capital of Poland as well as intensively developing European city, which combines centuries of history from royal palaces and gardens, science and culture, to uprising period, and modern future with new shopping malls and sport stadiums. All year round, there are many cultural and music events and interesting exhibitions going on in the city, so there is no time to be bored.


Educational system in Poland

Education system in Poland is very similar to the system of education in the western regions of Europe, and consists of three stages: (6 years of education in elementary school, ends with an examination for admission to the middle school; education starts at the age of 6-7 years and lasts up to 13 years old); Middle school - three years of study, completes the general examination consisting of three parts: the humanitarian, mathematics and science, and language) education lasts for up to 16 years old); High School - the last stage before entering college (3 years, completes an independent external testing (Matura - which is accepted by majority of European universities with further higher education) 3 subjects are compulsory: Mathematics, Polish and foreign language education lasts until 19 years after. completion of the above-mentioned ways of education, the student may continue to receive an education in universities, colleges and technical schools all over Europe and abroad. Education takes place in Polish language. (option in English available on request)




Still not convinced to learn and study in Poland?

It's the second  most important Slavic language in the World and the most commonly spoken in the European Union. There are almost 40 million Poles in the country plus a huge Polish diaspora. There are about 10 million Americans of Polish descent and 1 to 2 million Poles living in both Great Britain and Ireland. Polish speakers live in all European countries! Speaking our language will help you understand not only the people but also their culture, religion, history and customs. You will be able to read Lem, Miłosz, Szymborska or Kapuściński the most famous Polish writers and poets in the original. You will surf the Polish internet and receive the latest news from the heart of Central Europe. Polish people are known world-wide for their hospitality and friendliness and you will have the chance to meet them and make friendships.

ATJ Lingwista is a fully licenced and nationaly recognized tour operator and a language school certified and recognized by Polish Ministry of Education.

We hope to see you in Warsaw and look forward to welcoming you soon!