Warsaw School of Economics

Welcome to the Warsaw School of Economics

The Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa w Warszawie, SGH) was founded in 1906 as the first public university of economics and management in Poland.

Why SGH?

  • The leading business school in Eastern and Central Europe.
  • Innovative doctoral program based on the best European practices with strong research methodology orientation.
  • Teaching and doctoral supervision provided by renowned Polish and European scholars.
  • Close links with business community that facilitate conducting research projects.
  • Extensive network of partner universities from all around the world.
  • Excellent infrastructure and friendly atmosphere.
  • Low costs of living in Warsaw as compared to other large European cities.

Get the facts about us:

  • Warsaw School of Economics was founded in 1906 by August Zieliński as Poland’s first university of economics.
  • Over 10000 students are enrolled at our School in bachelor and master degree programmes, 1400 are studying at the doctoral level and over 5000 are completing other postgraduate courses. SGH employs over 1500 staff members, of whom 900 are teaching and research staff.
  • In the opinion of journalists of the Polish edition of Newsweek, among all Polish universities it is SGH that gives its graduates the greatest chance of finding good jobs.
  • SGH students represent almost 60 countries.
  • Since the beginning of the economic transition in 1989, 11 out of 21 finance ministers of Poland were SGH graduates.
  • The main negotiator of the Polish membership in the European Union, from 5 December 2001 until the end of negotiations, was Jan Truszczyński – an SGH graduate and current lecturer.
  • Professor Leszek Balcerowicz – an SGH graduate and lecturer, former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, former President of the National Bank of Poland, is considered to be the main architect of the Polish economic transformation after 1989.
  • Professor Danuta Hübner, the first Polish commissioner in the European Commission (for Regional Policy), previously the Minister for European Affairs of the Republic of Poland and the Head of the Office of the Committee for European Integration and the Secretary of the State in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, is an SGH graduate and current lecturer.

According to the Bologne system SGH offers three levels of studies:
  • 3-year Bachelor’s studies (I degree) – six-semester full-time or extramural studies in Polish and English.
  • 2-year Master’s studies (II degree) – for graduates with at least a bachelor’s degree, full-time or extramural, four-semester studies. Both in Polish and English.
  • 3-year Doctoral studies – full-time or extramural studies in Polish and English and joint programme in French.
  • Postgraduate studies – over 90 programmes in the Polish language, MBA programmes - Canadian Executive MBA (in English), Executive Studies in Finance and studies realised at the request of companies and institutions.
Studies in English available for full-time students:
  • Bachelor in International Economics,
  • Bachelor in Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems,
  • Bachelor in Management - specializations: Project Management, Entrepreneurship,
  • Master in International Business - specializations: Business in Central and Eastern Europe, International Business Management,
  • Master in Finance and Accounting- with opportunity of ACCA Qualification
  • Canadian Executive MBA Studies (CEMBA), with the University of Quebec in Montreal,
  • PhD Studies in Management and Economics

Tuition fees 2016/2017:

  • Global Business, Finance and Governance (BA)

2000 per semester

  • International Economics (BA)

2000 per semester

  • Management (BA)

2000 per semester

  • Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems (BA)

2000 per semester