Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology

About University

Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology is one of the best non-state  institutions of higher education in Poland, often praised by employers, students and the media. It was founded in 1994 on the basis of a bilateral agreement between the governments of Poland and Japan. It places special emphasis on the curriculum, which is continuously reviewed and updated to meet the requirements of the job market, widely accepted academic standards, both Polish and European, advancements in computer science and its applications.

Polsko-Japoska Wysza Szkoa Technik Komputerowych w Warszawie

PJIIT focuses on practical skills. Owing to that our students and graduates do not have problems finding a job. They are well equipped to work in many areas in which the practical knowledge of IT is the prerequisite.

PJIIT employs outstanding specialists, researchers and academic teachers from Poland, as well other countries

PJIIT is active on the international scene, cooperating with academic centres from Europe – within the framework of the Socrates programme – and from other continents (North America, Asia, Australia). The students of PJIIT can participate in exchange programmes and take courses at renowned foreign universities.


Studies at PJIIT guarantee a fulfilling and successful professional career.

The main campus is located in the very centre of Warsaw and is accessible for the disabled.
Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computers with the latest software. PJIIT boasts unique multimedia equipment, stationary, as well as mobile robots, graphics stations, a 3D scanner, Blue Box, HAPTIC tactile interface and a supercomputer. The campus has good WiFi and Bluetooth coverage.

Thanks to the extensive cooperation of PJIIT with leading companies in the IT sector, students and graduates do not have problems finding employment. Very many of them start their careers as trainees thanks to the Institute programme of internships at well-known companies, banks and government agencies.

PJIIT has a well-developed system of student support, which allows students from families with modest income to study at the Institute. There are also special allowances and grants  whose aim is to motivate the best students to undertake research in their chosen fields.



 Study Programmes at PJIIT

Information Technology

Undergraduate and graduate programmes;
Postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

(undergraduate daily studies and extramural over the internet are avaible also in English)

Intelligent data processing systems;    
Software engineering and networking;   
Multimedia – 3D animation;
Multimedia – game programming;
Robotics and multiagent systems;
Programming of business applications;
System and network programming;   
Networks of mobile devices;
Distributed and parallel systems.

PJIIT runs also study programmes over the Internet.

The oldest and the biggest faculty at PJIIT, the Faculty of Information Technology offers study programmes appreciated by students and employers. The Faculty has been a leader in prestigious ranking lists in its category since the very beginning.

Information Management

Undergraduate programme
Information Management in
- commercial enterprises;
- banking;
- public administration;
- international enterprises.

The Faculty of Information Management offers interdisciplinary studies combining knowledge of management, economics, econometrics, marketing and law with the knowledge of computer techniques, systems and tools used in information management.

Interior Design

Undergraduate programme
Interior design;
Graphic arts in public spaces.
Studies at the Faculty of Interior Design combine the knowledge and skills from graphic arts with the practical knowledge of modern digital media, multimedia and visual arts. 

Japanese Culture

Undergraduate programme

The studies at the Faculty of Japanese Culture cover the knowledge of the culture and language of Japan against the broader perspective of the culture of the Far East. It also includes general theory of culture and practical skills at managing culture. The special feature is an extensive course in the Japanese language.

New Media Art

Undergraduate programme

Computer Animation
Computer Visualisation

The Faculty New Media Art is the fruit of cooperation between PJIIT and Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. The main advantage that makes it unique is that its curriculum combines the subjects aimed at improving students’ artistic skills with the skills in using advanced computer techniques..

Branch Faculties of Information Technology:

- Bytom
- Gdańsk

PJIIT offers study programs also in Southern (Bytom) and Northern Poland. The curriculum, state-of-the art equipment and high quality of teaching are what makes our branch faculties stand out from other academic institutions in their respective regions.