Polish + Nature

Polish + Nature

This course includes 20 lessons of group tuition in a closed group plus a variety of pre- and post course trips around the country just to give you a taste of the beauty of Poland. You will discover the essential landscape sport, nature reserve parks and national parks in the East, North and South of the country.


4 days excursion to Polish mountains: 2 days in Tatra National Park and one day in Pieniny National Park. The National Park covers one of the two Alpine mountain ranges in Poland and is home to National Park contains several endemic species and many endangered and protected ones. Animals include: Tatra chamois and marmot, both protected since the mid-19th century, brown bear, Eurasian lynx, wolf, otter, eagle, and falcon. On the way back to Warsaw, a walk among the amaizing rock formation in Ojców National Park



A week long trip to Northern and Eastern Poland starts in Warsaw and leads through Białowieża National Park, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the only one preserved natural European jungle! See the primeval forests which, centuries ago covered the whole continent! If you are lucky, you may see and meet the king of the forests and the biggest European animal: European bison (żubr). On the way to Mazury we will visit one of the most unique places in Poland, very ofter reffered as a European Amazon: Biebrza National Park which protects vast and relatively untouched fenlands with a unique variety of several communities of plants, rare wetland birds and mammals such as elk and beaver and other animals. The Biebrza wetlands as well as the Narew River valleys are very important centres for birds' nesting, feeding and resting. 3 days in Mazurian lakes will give you an opportunity to check the Poland's favourite holiday destination. The Poles call this region “A land of 1000 lakes” – well, it's not a correct name to be honest. There are over 2700 lakes in this region! As the only one place in Europe, The Mazury district had been elected as one of the 28 finalists of the New7Wonders of Nature! We will later on continue our trip along the famous Polish Baltic sea coastline to check the white sandy beaches and… the greates sand dunes of Europe, located in Słowiński National Park. In 1977 UNESCO designated the Park a biosphere reserve under its Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MaB). The "moving dunes" are regarded as a curiosity of nature on a European scale. On the way back to Warsaw we will stop for a walk in Bory Tucholskie National Park.


Being in Warsaw gives us also possibility to visit one of the most beautiful and oldest National Parks in Poland: Kampinos National Park. The Park's landscape is a mix of sand dunes and swamp lands with pine trees growing on sand and meadows on swamps.

Length of the programme: 16 days (4 days in the mountains + 5 days in Warsaw + 7 days Northern Poland).

This programme is a proposal for nature lovers, however it can be shorten to concentrate on the language stay in Warsaw. There is also an option of a “travelling classroom” where students travel around Poland and take training language sessions on the way. Number of days vary depanding on the number of days and services booked.