Polish + Cooking

Polish + Cooking

This course includes 20 lessons of Polish language lessons - group tuition in a closed group - plus 3 culinary workshops weekly. In addition, the group will have a unique opportunity to take part in a social programme focused on foods and beverages.

The cooking experience will include:

Pierogi (dumplings) workshops. Discover the world of Polish dumplings! The classic ones are those filled with sauerkraut and wild mushrooms. Some contain minced pork and beef while others have a filling of cheese and potato. We call them “Russian dumplings” but most Russians have never heard of them!

Soup mastery! Polish cuisine is famous for its soups because they are prepared in a special way.   There is a sour cucumber soup (ogórkowa) which is   a “must” for all pickle lovers! Sour rye soup (żurek) and “white” borscht (biały barszcz) are among the most popular and most unusual for a foreigner to sample.   Last but not least are krupnik (vegetable barley soup), red borscht and “Ukrainian” borscht.

Bigos cooking. This is the national dish of Poland and no one should miss the opportunity to taste it. We will discuss the options of a homemade recipe - should bigos be cooked with zucchini or with tomato paste? Which spices are essential? Is it true that it is traditionally cooked using 12 different kinds of meat? And the hottest issue of all: Should only sauerkraut be used or fresh cabbage - or a mixture of both?

Visit a typical Polish, rural style restaurant and try out some typical dishes as well as some international ones   “Polish –style” ! Choose from tripe soup, Polish venison or cepelinai, a Lithuanian specialty which is very popular in the border areas.

Visit a milky bar. This is the place to eat tasty food cheaply in the centre of a big city! Basically it is a typical communistera style bar serving basic Polish dishes. These bars were set up by the government   to enable the workers easy access to ready meals. Milky bars (“bary mleczne”) were   popular in the 60s, 70s and 80s. They maintain their popularity among students who are on a budget.

The place to visit in the late afternoon is a Polish-style cocktail bar where a shot of vodka costs 4-5 zloties and all the dishes on the menu cost as low as 8 (not even 2 EUR!). Try Polish-style herring in oil, tartar steak or flaki.

Or, how about a picnic in one of the famous parks or recreational areas. We will prepare some great snacks and delicious sandwiches together and then enjoy them in the open air!