About Us

 LINGWISTA was established in 1958 as a chain of language centres. The Lingwista Polish Language School is a venture set up by one of the best known Polish specialists in the language travel market in Poland. In 2006, we started organizing incoming educational tourism to Poland. We accept adults and school groups, as well as families and individuals.



We offer Polish language courses at all levels in addition to English, French, German, Russian, Czech, Hungarian and Slovak. The School of Polish Language is intended to focus on small groups, individuals and fixed-dates-students who would like to learn or improve their Polish in a friendly atmosphere. Our huge experience as a tour operator gives us, and our students, the possibility to combine language training with various extra subjects of interest.

The classrooms are located very close to the city centre, in Ochota district, close to the famous Warsaw Water Filters, also known as Lindley's Filters. Communi-cation with the centre is very easy – the nearest bus stop is located 30 meters from the school's entrance and the tram stop is just in front of it. There are 8 classrooms, naturally lit, fully equipped. Coffee facilities and a small library onsite. There are shops, bars and restaurants close by. In the summer season Lingwista rents another building with 4 classrooms close to Warsaw School of Economics in Mokotów district, also nicely equipped and used as business meeting places as well as workshop /training centre. There are many restaurants, bars and clubs nearby. On the other side of the street there is a huge park Pole Mokotowskie used by Varsovians as sporting and leisure place (like the Central Park or Hyde Park!)